Friday, September 11, 2009

How'd THAT Happen?!

I just made a somewhat amusing, and slightly disturbing, discovery: my previous post "A New Church For a New Age" has been featured on the Open Source Theology "Emerging Church/Theology Blog Feed." Open Source Theology is an Emerging Church website which says of itself: "The purpose of this site is to assist the development of an emerging theology for the emerging church," among other things. I'm not angry about being listed under their blog feed, by any means; I'm just surprised by it! I'm almost positive the posting in question wasn't reviewed before being listed, as I'm confident that had it been, it would have been excluded. After all, I'm fairly certain that I'm not the best source of "theology for the emerging church."

Well guys, that's my news for this morning... and who knows? Maybe THIS post will be featured as well!

In Christ,

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